Aaron & LanAnh

This beautiful multi-cultural wedding was such a treat to photograph! It brought back so many memories of my time in Southeast Asia, and the unique traditions and delicious Vietnamese cuisine satisfied my cultural craving! All of this was topped off by the fact that Aaron and LanAnh are two incredible people that are so clearly meant to be together. Just by glancing at a few pictures, it’s evident to me that the bond they share is deep yet still light-hearted… their faces lit up every time their eyes met! I have no doubt that they will make a great team and push each other to do amazing things in their lives together as husband and wife. Congrats, Aaron and LanAnh!!

venue: pecan springs ranch | wedding coordinator: sharon lafayette | officiant: short and sweet weddings

21 comments for “Aaron & LanAnh

  1. Posted by: Denise Coleman

    OMG! Awesome pictures!!! You too are such a lovely couple and have such a bright future ahead of you! Congratulations!

  2. Posted by: Linda Ward

    You two are a gorgeous couple wish you a fabulous future!!!! The photography is amazing!

  3. Posted by: Heather Cienfuegos

    Awww Lan and Aaron your pictures are AMAZING!! Im happy it turned out to be such a beautiful day.

  4. Posted by: Karen Anderson

    What a beautiful couple!!!! Amazing pictures Lauren you captured so much beautiful detail!

  5. Posted by: Ashley Alletag

    Wow, just looking at these brings me back to it. Amazing photos that captured every moment. And damn the bride and groom look hot! Thanks for demoralizing the moment!!!!

  6. Posted by: Linh

    Congratulations Lan and Aaron! These pictures are beautiful and the wedding was so much fun!

  7. Posted by: Dayana

    Beautiful couple! Beautiful wedding and beautiful photos! Congratulations guys ?

  8. Posted by: Lauren

    Ahhh!!!! How gorgeous!!! The photos are so awesome! AB is just as cute as a button! And you look so pretty!!!! Love you guys to the moon and back!!!

  9. Posted by: Patience

    Congrats!!!! She really captured the day it was fab!!!! Love yall

  10. Posted by: Vi Hoang

    BEAUTIFUL! Love the story the pics tell through the day!

  11. Posted by: Thaison Nguyen

    Pretty sure I just cried all over again. Lauren & Dylan, y’all captured all the best moments! The pictures came out so so so incredibly well, I felt like I just relived the entire day again. Yall did such a fantastic job and I’m so happy that our families have these memories to last a lifetime!


  12. Posted by: Jennifer Le

    The pictures are amazing! Thank you Lauren and Dylan for capturing these beautiful moments! Congratulations Aaron and Lananh!

  13. Posted by: Michael Tran

    Love the pics! Pretty everything!

  14. Posted by: Nicole

    Pictures are Gorgeous! We had so much fun! Congratulations love!

  15. Posted by: Nguyen Family Sugar Land

    This photog dod a great job of capturing some special moments of this beautiful wedding. My favorite pic is LanAnh dancing with all her younger bros. :)

  16. Posted by: Jennifer Vo

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Lauren and Dylan captured this day beautifully and flawlessly. These pictures bring back so many of the beautiful memories that were made that day and I don’t think you could have picked a better team to capture those moments!

  17. Posted by: Karen Compton

    The pictures are incredible!! It was such a special day and the pictures really captured all the fun and emotions:) love them! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Posted by: Pappy- Aaron's Dad and Mom, his mother-

    Lauren and Dylan- Thank you for works of art, as close to perfection as there is in the examples here!! What a beautiful amazing record of a most happy joyous day. This record will warm our hearts the remainder of our days. Many thanks for your diligent work and professionalim so smoothly done we hardly knew you were there! AMAZING!! Bless you!

  19. Posted by: Jill Odell

    You guys look amazing! I feel so sad we couldn’t get there but it looks like everything was magical! The pictures are beautiful! I wish you both all the happiness in the world! Can’t wait to see you again soon! Best wishes on a fabulous life together! Love you both! Congratulations! Jill

  20. Posted by: Meera

    Omg Lauren <3, <3, <3. best way to describe it.

  21. Posted by: LanAnh Nguyen

    Thank you Lauren & Dylan! These are amazing, we can not wait to see the rest of them. We could not have asked for a better couple to capture our big day!

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