Amanda & Jaime

What an enchanting wedding day this was! Amanda and Jaime were such a fantastic couple to work with, and their genuine adoration for each other just seems to radiate in each of these photos. Thanks again to Amanda and Jaime, for allowing me to capture this significant chapter of your love story :)

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23 comments for “Amanda & Jaime

  1. Posted by: Sarah

    These are stunning! Wish we could have been there. ❤️!

  2. Posted by: Marissa

    Such lovely photos!

  3. Posted by: Chris Acevedo

    I love the way these moments were captured. I was so glad and honored to take part in this wedding. I love you guys so much, I give these pictures 2 thumbs up. Great job !!!!

  4. Posted by: Matthew Rivera

    Everything came out great! Wish we could relive the day! Beautiful pictures!

  5. Posted by: Felix Guerra

    Really good pictures that show the beginning of a great story

  6. Posted by: Josh Ramientos

    Awesome pictures! Y’all did a great job

  7. Posted by: Kristen Hernandez

    Beautiful wedding and gorgeous couple! I love the venue and how every picture captured a timeless moment.

  8. Posted by: Vanessa

    These pictures capture all the love and happiness the night was filled with! Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding and fantastic photographers! ?

  9. Posted by: Nicole

    Beautiful photos that capture equally gorgeous families! Congratulations Amanda and Jaime!

  10. Posted by: Melissa Gutierrez

    Great pictures & beautiful couple!!

  11. What a beautiful couple; it was a great wedding! Gorgeous photographs! Thank you Lauren Moffett!

  12. Posted by: Jen

    Was so impressed with the photography at Amanda’s wedding! The pictures came out beautiful and y’all did such a great job of capturing all the special moments from the evening.

  13. Posted by: Ruben Carlos Quintanilla

    Great Pictures

  14. Posted by: Joey Delgado

    Oh my wow, the looks beautiful

  15. Posted by: Veronica Delgado

    Absolutely beautiful photos!! Thank you Lauren for capturing such wonderful memories of all the love and joy of this blessed event. It was such a pleasure working with you and your husband.

  16. Posted by: Emily

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like a fabulous day

  17. Posted by: Krystal McClain

    Such great photos!!!! Will definitely recommend you.

  18. Posted by: Juan F. Sanchez

    Great pictures. I love the way they came out!

  19. Posted by: Hannah Guerra

    Such a beautiful day for a blessed couple :)

  20. Posted by: Jose Saenz

    Amazingly beautiful pictures that do so well to capture the love and life of that day.

  21. Posted by: Jared Bernshausen

    Awesome wedding and these photos are great! Congrats again to the lovely couple :)

  22. Posted by: Tiffany Wong

    Great photos!!!!! Beautiful wedding with a beautiful couple! Love you guys!

  23. Posted by: Cody

    Super cute! Glad we could make it.

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