Amanda & Jon

I have been dying to share Amanda and Jon’s wedding at Lost Mission!! They had an elegant, hill country-inspired wedding with the kind of design elements that belong in a magazine! Although absolutely breathtaking, their wedding certainly did not shadow the love and care that these two have for each other. Capturing their love and emotions was an easy task, and I loved every second of it :) Congratulations again, Amanda and Jon – I couldn’t be happier for you!

If you’d like to access the entire wedding gallery for viewing and ordering prints, please contact me here!

venue: lost mission | florals: heb blooms – new braunfels | catering: heavenly gourmet | calligraphy signs: lyndsey moore | grooms cake: frosted confetti | wedding cake: serendipity cakes | dj: toast entertainment | hair & makeup: knot and veil | video: daniel ka | photo booth: image cinema

30 comments for “Amanda & Jon

  1. Posted by: Rita S.

    First off, what a beautiful couple and fabulous celebration! And what amazing pictures! Truly the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing Amanda!

  2. Posted by: Beverly Pollard

    These photos are beautiful. Captures the day perfectly!

  3. Posted by: Amanda Kochart

    Gorgeous photos of a beautiful wedding!

  4. Posted by: Blair McCormack

    Beautiful photos!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!

  5. Posted by: Ashley Petro

    Such a beautiful wedding for an even more beautiful couple. The pictures are gorgeous and something you’ll cherish for years to come!

  6. Posted by: Helen Rebolloso

    It was a beautiful wedding. I’m so happy we were able to share your special day with you.

  7. Posted by: Maggie

    Wonderful photos, really captured the venue. I had such a great time getting to be apart of this day with y’all!!

  8. Posted by: Deandr Villa

    These photos capture the wedding day beautifully!! Love them!

  9. Posted by: Dana

    Wow!! These pictures are incredible, it captures the scenery beautifully and the happiness in the faces of everyone! I know Amanda will have a hard time picking which ones to frame, they’re all so great!

  10. Posted by: Lacie

    Such a fun evening celebrating you two!!

  11. Posted by: Kristen Moser

    Love these so much! You are the best Lauren!

  12. Posted by: Reuben

    I wasn’t able to make it but now I feel like I was there. Thanks!

  13. Posted by: Shawna

    You captured a special day perfectly! Love these photos and the couple!

  14. Posted by: Amy Schwartz

    LOVE your pictures. So beautiful.

  15. Posted by: Mason Lyttle

    These pics are awesome! Such a great job!

  16. Posted by: Nadine

    Oh what a beautiful day! The photos are amazing!

  17. Posted by: Peggy Grantham

    Such great work, catch so much of the emotion in the faces for the bride and groom, parents and guests. My niece was such a beautiful bride!

  18. Posted by: Brenda Hawkins

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple and blessed day!

  19. Posted by: Nicole Meneses

    Such a wonderful day.
    Much love to you both.

  20. Posted by: Mark Moser

    Top notch photography capturing a very special day. Outstanding job.

  21. Posted by: Sharon

    Those are some of the most beautiful wedding photos I’ve EVER seen! Such good vibes from all included. I will look at these again and again

  22. Posted by: Sarah Baker

    Soo beautiful!!

  23. Posted by: Anita Moser

    I am glad I was able to be part of this beautiful event. The pictures are a reflection of that amazing day, and the love they feel for each other. Thank you for sharibg them.

  24. Posted by: Cindy

    Beautiful pictures from an amazing day!!!!!

  25. Posted by: Pati Morrison

    What a stunningly beautiful and loving wedding. The photos captured it perfectly!

  26. Posted by: Don Moser

    Absolutely fantastic photography of the wedding and of the entire day. Great job!!

  27. Posted by: Kim Boring

    These are amazing! Beautiful couple!

  28. Posted by: Misty Palmer

    What a beautiful couple and blessed day!

  29. Posted by: Brooke foret

    I love all these pictures! They really capture what a beautiful day and wedding this was!

  30. Posted by: Alexa boring

    Great photos done by a phenomenal photographer!!

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