Amy & Brenton | Austin Wedding Photographer

Amy and Brenton made this Austin engagement session so unforgettably fun!! The combination of their colorful humor and charming laughter gave their pictures an extra “pop” on camera – even their outtake shots looked magazine-worthy!! Listening to them talk about their past stories and future aspirations was truly inspiring, and confirmed for me that 1) I want to be their friend, and 2) these super cool people are meant for each other, without a doubt :)

Thanks for making this session incredible, Amy and Brenton! I can’t wait to photograph your wedding later this year!!

2 comments for “Amy & Brenton | Austin Wedding Photographer

  1. Posted by: Lois Morris

    I am so proud of my grandson and the awesome mate he chose! You can just feel the love around them. Can’t wait for the wedding! Love Love

  2. Posted by: Aunt Linda

    These were fabulous pics and the photographer was right, as you could feel the love and the chemistry just by looking at them! What great comments from the photographer, too! I love you, Brenton and Amy, and cannot wait for your wedding!! Aunt Linda

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