Brett & Alysse

From beginning to end, this wedding day was filled with so much pure joy. Brett & Alysse, thank you again for allowing me to document all of your happiness on this unforgettable day :)

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  1. Posted by: Marjorie

    Congratulations Alysse and Brett! such lovely pictures and so exciting!

  2. Posted by: Maggie Rodriguez

    So so so beautiful. What a sweet day, and so magically (and skillfully) captured.

  3. Posted by: Laurie

    Simply beautiful! Your love is evident!!

  4. Posted by: Alan Reams

    Great pictures. You really captured the event.
    Alan Reams

  5. Posted by: Vaness

    Beautiful images for a beautiful couple!

  6. Posted by: Monica

    I fell like I was there with you! Awesome photos!! So happy for you both Alysse!!

  7. Posted by: Lyndee

    These are so beautiful!!

  8. Posted by: Lin Reams

    Thank you for these amazing photos Lauren! They are exquisite captures of all the love and joy present in Alysse and Brett and for them.

  9. Posted by: Esther Shepard

    These are breathtaking!! So great!

  10. Posted by: Ajay Khanna

    Moments were captured perfectly ❤️

  11. Posted by: CB

    These are gorgeous! Nice to see a slice of the character of the place it all happened.

  12. Posted by: Liz

    Beautiful love story in pictures. <3

  13. Posted by: Patricia M Reams

    Lauren; These pictures document so many details that this sweet bride worked so hard to achieve! It seems as if your photos are in sync with the dreams that we all had for Alysse and Brett on this wonderful day. The day was such a blessing- her beautiful, radiant smile, his sweet intense gaze, the character of New Orleans, the lovely venue of the church and wedding luncheon, all the friends and family,…all the things that in the moment you never want to forget. You are so appreciated!

  14. Posted by: Rebecca Keel

    You have such a beautiful eye behind the camera! You really captured the unique and sweet day that it was.

  15. Posted by: Roseanne

    Amazing pics of alysse

  16. Posted by: Liane

    Oh my!! These pics are absolutely beautiful, with so much love, joy and delight!! Alysse, you are radiant!! So fabulous!!!

  17. Posted by: Bruce Murrsy

    Lovely pictures! Thanks so much for sharing. Your mutual love and joy come through loud and clear. I am so happy for you both.

  18. Posted by: Janara Bennett (Ross’s Mom)

    You were such a beautiful bride and these photographs captured such amazing joy and so much love. You and Brett are such a cute couple. I also think the idea of a morning wedding is unique and beautiful. I am sorry that Ross and Erin could not attend. Congratulations to you both!

  19. Posted by: Kercheryl Stevens

    Congratulations to you both Alysse& Brett,your pictures are just so beautiful,happy,natural and carefree.
    Everything was captured,such a delight to see so much joy all around.
    Thank you for sharing❤❤
    God’s Blessings to you both

  20. Posted by: Anna issa

    Love love love this!! So much happiness, love and beauty!! Congratulations Alysse and Brett!

  21. Posted by: Jenn

    Wow, what an amazing job capturing the feeling of this beautiful day!

  22. Posted by: Nancy Thorne

    You are incredibly talented! You have not only captured the magic of Brett and Alysse’s wedding day, but you have created an homage to New Orleans. Such composition and dreamy light: perfection!
    Nancy Thorne
    ( Brett’s mom)

  23. Posted by: Lewis Thorne

    These are beautiful, Lauren! Thanks for capturing all these special moments.

  24. Posted by: Natalie Socha

    Gorgeous photos, congrats Brett & Alysse!

  25. Posted by: Rachel

    These are amazing. Congrats Brett and Alyssa!

  26. Posted by: JamieS

    Amazing pictures for an amazing couple! Captured perfectly!

  27. Posted by: Tiffany

    These are a beautiful display of Alysse’s beautiful soul. Love them all.

  28. Posted by: Brett & Alysse

    Lauren! These look amazing! Thanks for documenting our day for us :)

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