Courtney & Lance

I was overwhelmed with joy when Courtney and Lance asked me to photograph their wedding day! I knew them both while attending college in Lubbock, TX, long before they ever met one another. A few years post-college, I heard that they had met and were currently dating! I was so ecstatic – but not at all surprised – that these two spectacular people were drawn to one another. Courtney and Lance, I’m so glad your paths crossed and that you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your lives together. Wishing you many years of blessings and happiness!

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4 comments for “Courtney & Lance

  1. Posted by: Jan Heineman

    Lauren and Dylan,

    It was a pleasure to meet you both. I had the blessing to go with the girls that day when they were having hair and makeup done. I loved Courtney for 18+ years and you captured the true girl and young lady and gorgeous bride in your pictures! Y’all are fantastic!!

  2. Posted by: Chelsea Henderson

    Lauren, you and Dylan captured the magic of Courtney & Lance’s wedding day so beautifully! These photos are incredible! You were a blast to work with :) thank you again for everything!

  3. Posted by: Steve Blake

    Lauren, you and Dylan did a great job, and we really appreciate it. You took some really creative shots, and all of the pictures were beautiful. Thank you so much for helping us capture the memories from our very special day.

  4. Posted by: Kendra Blake

    Lauren, these photos are spectacular! Thanks for the beautiful memories and making the day so much fun!

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