Courtney & Lance

I’m so glad that Courtney and Lance’s paths crossed! I met both of these amazing people while I was at school at Texas Tech – it wasn’t until later that they met at a friend’s wedding, started dating, and began their own journey together :) I can’t wait to see where life takes them!

15 comments for “Courtney & Lance

  1. Posted by: Lindsey Hughes

    So pretty! Love the ones with JoJo!

  2. Posted by: Chase Henderson


  3. Posted by: Chewshie

    All of them are my favorite ???

  4. Posted by: Parker Heineman

    I love these pictures!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!’

  5. Posted by: Jan Heineman

    Wow!!! Some of the best most natural photos I have ever seen!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!

    And yes Courtney and Lance are amazing and even more amazing together! These pictures capture them perfectly!!

  6. Posted by: Steve Blake

    These are great pictures! Glad we have some of Jo-Jo too.

  7. Posted by: L wells

    Great pictures!

  8. Posted by: Carol Brucker

    Very nice pictures. Love the matching dress and Louboutin shoes – very original. Courtney and Lance look like they were having a great time. . . as if they were trying hard not to laugh – made me smile. . . .Poor puppy didn’t look too sure about having his picture taken. . . funny :) Great job!

  9. Posted by: Carla Grose

    OMG these are great pictures. I love the one by the water with the pup! So cute. Congratulations to you both. Love and prayers for your new life together.

  10. Posted by: Michelle Godfrey

    These pictures capture their joy and love!

  11. Posted by: Kenneth Agnew

    All are great pictures and they are going to be a great couple and Lance is a great addition to the Blake family.

  12. Posted by: Dortha Agnew

    You certainly picked a great photographer! You have so many good poses it will be hard to choose.

  13. Posted by: Carol Policky

    Absolutely beautiful!! Best of luck to you both! Love the shoes!

  14. Posted by: Mitzi

    Beautiful bride to be. Love the pictures

  15. Posted by: Kendra Blake

    I love these pictures of my beautiful Courtney and Lance!

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