Doi Khuntan & Mae Rim

The last weekend in January was full of adventure! On Saturday morning, Dylan and I made a trip to Doi Khuntan mountain on our moped. At first, we were a little nervous that the bike might not be able to handle the mountains, but fortunately it powered through! We found a little railroad town on our way up the mountain, which happened to contain the longest railway tunnel in all of Thailand (approximately 1300 meters long).

The next morning, we made a trip with our Thai “family” friends to Huay Nam Dang and Mae Rim. It took us about an hour and a half to drive up a VERY scary, windy road up the mountain leading to Mae Hong Son, Thailand. After a very long and cold ride, we were so happy to see the view at the top. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before! The mountain was decorated with a beautiful garden that swept down the side, and the edge of the cliffs seemed to reach out into a massive blanket of fog that stretched for miles. We missed the sunrise, so the mountain range was difficult to see, yet it was still one of the prettiest view I’ve seen with my own eyes. It was definitely worth the trip!

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