Emma & Matt

This was such an unforgettable wedding! Emma and Matt have the kind of love that is so sweet and pure, it’s almost as if they’re radiating with light whenever they’re together! I loved getting to know them better as a couple throughout the day (apparently they’re quite adventurous – they even let me take them across a water dam to get some stellar photographs in a cave!!). Congratulations, again, Emma and Matt – your love is one of a kind and I couldn’t happier for you both!

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Venue and decor: Cypress Falls Event Center | Catering: Salt Lick BBQ | Film shot on Portra 400

26 comments for “Emma & Matt

  1. Posted by: raymond mckenzie

    how sweet it is, so happy to have been there, LOVE YOU BOTH !!!!!!!

  2. Posted by: Catie

    You two look incredible!! <3 Sorry I missed the wedding itself but thankful you chose such a gifted photographer to capture this beautiful memory! The quality and content are stunning.

  3. Posted by: Alan Wilson

    Amazing pics! Captured the magic of the day perfectly!!!

  4. Posted by: Diane Clark

    Beautiful Pictures!

  5. Posted by: Dee wilson

    Great photos!

  6. Posted by: Ally Wise

    Absolutely amazing photos! I LOVE these and the full gallery as well! Lauren you did such a wonderful job and you were so much fun to work with. Emma and Matt were truly blessed to have you capture their special day!

  7. Posted by: Joe Spann

    Great photos all but I am afraid Daisy stole the show?

  8. Posted by: Matt Mckenzie

    Photos turned out great! Thank you for the help making the memories last.

  9. Posted by: Misty Johnson

    Such a beautiful day for a beautiful ceremony! These photos are beautiful, I can’t decide which are my favorite pictures…

  10. Posted by: Eric

    Fantastic pics!

  11. Posted by: Eric

    Excellent photos!

  12. Posted by: Ali Vega

    These photos are so beautiful! I see the love that Emma and Matt have for one and other through them! Congratulations to the both of you!
    Love, Ali

  13. Posted by: Michele Penning

    What a beautiful wedding in the perfect setting! Congratulations Emma and Matt!

  14. Posted by: Joyce Wise

    What a special day! I am still basking in the afterglow. ?. Lauren was so much fun to work with and she captured the love and joy perfectly!

  15. Posted by: Gwen

    Beautiful pictures of beautiful people (and quadruped)! Let the love grow <3

  16. Posted by: Jody Moreen

    Such gorgeous and artistic wedding photos capturing the love, personalities, the beautiful setting and emotions of such a special wedding day! Amazing portolio!!

  17. Posted by: Lydia

    Exquisite photos of a unique couple.

  18. Posted by: Aubree

    These are epic c!! Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous couple. Congrats Emma and Matt!

  19. Posted by: Lise

    Absolutely beautiful wedding and photos! Blessings…

  20. Posted by: raymond mckenzie

    i love these two so much my heart hurts !!!!! god bless them both

  21. Posted by: Cryston Adkins

    Wonderful Photography! Was a great event and it’s nice to see it here.

    I especially love the sunset pictures. We (The Guests) wondered how those would turn out: very stylish.

    – Cryston

  22. Posted by: Khrystal

    These are gorgeous! Straight out of a fairytale!

  23. Posted by: Christeen shumaker

    Beautiful work:) your right they do shine bright like stars⭐️️Wish I could have been there.

  24. Posted by: Tony Goodman

    The photos that you took of this wonderful day really captured the essence of who Matt and Emma are. I wish them the best.

  25. Posted by: Kerri McCaskill

    Oh My! You just brought the magic back! I didn’t tear up again until the picture of Emmas hair piece. Daisy was wonderful. It was happy day! ❤️

  26. Posted by: Emma

    It was so much fun working with you!!! Your photos are beautiful and we had so much fun “adventuring” with you. Thank you so much Lauren!

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