Jenna & Adam

Words can’t express how charming this wedding (or this couple) was! Jenna and Adam knew they wanted a simple, intimate setting for their wedding, so what better way to celebrate than by gathering a small handful of friends and family for a ceremony at the groom’s ranch home?! The ceremony took place under a beautifully massive oak tree, and their casual outdoor reception created a perfect balance between rustic elegance and bohemian flair. Not to mention, these two cuties let me drive around their ranch with them for an entire hour before sunset, just taking photos of the two of them together (this is every wedding photographer’s dream, by the way!). Congratulations again, Jenna and Adam – it was an honor to be a part of your wedding day.

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11 comments for “Jenna & Adam

  1. Posted by: Siegfried Roemer

    A Great wedding.
    A beautiful couple.
    And remarkable photos
    Thanks’ that we could be part of it.
    Kathrin & Siggi from Germany

  2. Posted by: Jillian

    Absolutely beautiful!

  3. Posted by: Rose

    Amazing photographs! I saddly missed the wedding, but these photos are the next best thing… Adam and Jenna are a beautiful couple and these photos enhance the Beauty within.

  4. Posted by: Anastasia Lorestani

    Beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL!!! Such a gorgeous wedding and such beautiful pictures to remember it by!!

  5. Posted by: Nickale

    What amazing photos! Such a beautiful day and setting, congratulations Jenna and Adam!

  6. Posted by: Sue

    These are beautiful pictures, Jenna. Thanks for sharing moments from your wedding!

  7. Posted by: L. Acuna


  8. Posted by: Bonnie Yablonski

    Fabulous pictures! The beauty of the couple, the setting, and the mood of the wedding was captured perfectly! Lovely and unique in every way.

  9. Posted by: Kendall

    What amazing shots! You really captured their love and their friendship.

  10. Posted by: Marli

    These are so breathtaking!! Everything turned out so pretty.

  11. Posted by: Missy Eaton

    Stunning photos that really captured the perfect wedding day ! ❤️❤️❤️

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