Karen & Nico

I’ve visited Landa Park countless times over the years, though this was my first time to attend and photograph a wedding reception on the property… it turned out beautifully! This Hill Country soirée was low-key and intimate – Karen and Nico stole the spotlight with their charming chemistry and sweet, authentic love for one another. I’m so glad I got to celebrate this incredible day with them!

4 comments for “Karen & Nico

  1. Posted by: Sylvia Johnson

    Thank you both for sharing your wedding pictures I wish the best for both and always remember respect love patience and good listening is a good way to have a good marriage and God first in everything nothing will separate this union God bless you both

  2. Posted by: Don

    May you and man forgive each other for all words that come out of your heart that hurt we are not perfect that way we need to walk love and forgiveness

  3. Posted by: Angela Ronalds

    I’m so happy I was able to share in this beautiful day with you both. The photos captured the ambience of October 12th well.
    May God’s love keep your love fresh and tender and one that lasts forever. I also pray that the gift of humility you both possess will lead to your greatest honor.
    Love you both.
    Ange R

  4. Posted by: Janeth ward

    Karen your wedding was beautiful one to remember! I love you’re kind sweet spirt I can’t wait till you are back in Odessa playing your cello!may God bless your holy matrimony. I love love love the way you included the foot washing what a beautiful humbling experience!I have always told my daughter you are one person that she can look up to!we love you in Odessa and pray for your happily ever after!

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