Kate & Bobby

It’s always an extra-special honor when a friend asks me to photograph his/her wedding! Kate and Bobby are one of the most lovable, genuine couples I’ve ever met, and their wedding was a perfect reflection of who they are as people – classy, fun and laid-back :) Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful day, Kate and Bobby!

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20 comments for “Kate & Bobby

  1. Posted by: Mary Alice Adamson

    Beautiful pictures to go with a beautiful couple. The photos really capture the beauty of the wedding.

  2. Posted by: Robert Adamson

    Well done! Beautiful photos of a very special day for our family.

  3. Posted by: Lisa Lowry

    Beautiful pictures. We were not there but you really captured the moment and made us feel we were there. ?

  4. Posted by: Steve Stringer

    Admittedly, i dont have huge experience with weddings or wedding photographers. But i can truthfully say that 1) the pics i have seen from the wedding I attended, and 2) the experience of having been included in the subjects of the photographs were both exceptional. Lauren was obviously extremely creative, talented and professional in her work–and all the proof is in the resulting pictures. It was a beautiful event; and Lauren captured and enhanced that beauty exquisitely!

  5. Posted by: Renee Staska

    Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple who had a beautiful wedding!

  6. Posted by: Oxana Desjarlais

    Beautiful wedding and gorgeous couple!

  7. Posted by: Mona Klein

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  8. Posted by: Mattie Wilkinson

    Great wedding! Great photos! Great photographers!

  9. Posted by: Fred Theriot

    Great pictures! We loved going to a Texas wedding. Texans .

  10. Posted by: Shimer

    Wow..every detail was beautiful..over how she caught even the simplest swing of your dress Kate! I don’t know how you can pick…I’d want them all…

  11. Posted by: Patti Rudloff

    Beautiful and fun wedding. These gorgeous pictures are rhe proof.

  12. Posted by: Jada Norman

    The pics by the river are my favorite! They are all beautiful!

  13. Posted by: Merrilyn Lincecum

    Great photos ! Such a beautiful wedding!

  14. Posted by: sandra

    so beautiful kate!

  15. Posted by: Sherri Smetana

    Awesome pics-you look gorgeous and looks like it was the perfect day for you! Congrats!

  16. Posted by: Brandi West

    Love the pictures Kate! You are beautiful!

  17. Posted by: Michelle

    Beautiful pics, especially by the tree. Very lovely Wedding!

  18. Posted by: Cheryl Adamson

    Beautiful photos of a memorable time.

  19. Posted by: Tracie Swanson

    Absolutely gorgeous way to preserve such a special day! Fantastic photos capturing treasued moments. Wishing the newlyweds the very best for their future!

  20. Posted by: Natalie


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