Kelsie Jo & James

15 comments for “Kelsie Jo & James

  1. Posted by: Thomas

    Sweetest pictures and people. Was an honor to be apart of this great day.

  2. Posted by: Casey Prince

    Wow!!! These pictures came out stunning! They are a beautiful mixture of love and emotion with an artistic touch. These pictures will tell a story for a lifetime!

  3. Posted by: Kelsie Jo Dowlearn

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! Lauren, these photos are beyond amazing! They all turned out better than I could have imagined! It was such a pleasure working with you and your husband! Thank you again!

  4. Posted by: jessica gonzalez

    Beautiful pictures ??

  5. Posted by: Jill

    Gorgeous! Beautiful! I may need that pic if G and Caroline!

  6. Posted by: Lisa Jo Preston

    My heart IS SO HAPPY looking at all of these pictures !!!

  7. Posted by: Megan

    Absolutely stunning!! Kelsey, your wedding is gorgeously breathtaking.

  8. Posted by: Ariel Lucas

    Gorgeous!!! Such beautiful photos to help solidify your memories of your wedding day! Congrats!

  9. Posted by: Diane Blalock

    Love The Dowlearns love story unveiled in every photo :)

  10. Posted by: Melissa

    Such lovely photos. I could feel the love and joy. <3

  11. Posted by: Raul

    Dope!good job on the pictures.

  12. Posted by: Carol Ann Morris

    Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding, beautifully captured!

  13. Posted by: Priscilla

    All the pictures came out so awesome!! Lauren is the best!!

  14. Posted by: James Dowlearn

    Most beautiful bride ever

  15. Posted by: Emily Chapa

    I’m so thankful you guys were there to capture these beautiful moments from my best friends special day! I love all of them!

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