Kristen & Reese

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  1. Posted by: Leslie LaRue

    Beautiful wedding! Beautiful photos!! Congratulations to you both!!!

  2. Posted by: Katy

    Gorgeous pictures!!! My favorite is the top one with the back of the bride. :-)

  3. Posted by: Emily

    These are amazingggg!! Can’t wait to get the pictures back that you took at my wedding! You are awesome!

    Love you Kristen & Reese :)

  4. Posted by: Kelsey Elkinton

    Fell in love with these photos! When I get engaged, you will be the first person I call!
    Kristen and Reese are my fav!

  5. Posted by: Erin Freytag

    These photos are STUNNING!! Such a beautiful wedding and couple! :)

  6. Posted by: Ally Denbo

    Love reliving ya’lls wedding through Lauren’s beautiful pictures!

  7. Posted by: Debora Classen

    The photos absolutely capture the love and true emotions of their special day. All the fun and excitement with the beautiful backdrop of the venue showcases a lovely wedding. Great job!

    • Posted by: Debora Classen

      The photos truly capture the pure emotions of this special day. They made me cry with joy all over again by just seeing the love and fun had by all. The backdrop of the venue and smiles on everyone’s faces showcases a special wedding day.

  8. Posted by: David Tatman

    What an amazing time! Thank yall so much for such beautiful artwork. Incredible job. Amazing memories we’ll never forget!!

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