Lee Rose

A few weeks ago, I got to spend some time with my grandfather (Lee Rose) at his home in Silver Spring, Maryland. Earlier this year, he and my grandmother were victims in a tragic head-on car collision. I’ll never forget the painful moment when I heard that my grandmother would not survive the accident, but was encouraged to hear that my grandfather was ok and would recover. Since then, he has undergone surgery, rehab, and is now transitioning to life back home. After recovering from broken ribs, a broken leg, and several other injuries, he is now walking and driving again (even using the stairs in his house!). I am quite impressed and inspired by this resilient man!

I had a great time with him this past trip and, as always, enjoyed being a guest at my grandparents’ beautiful little home. I’m ready for another visit to Maryland so that I can enjoy more of my grandfather’s famous breakfast, our late night movie parties, and fun little day trips with our cameras in-hand.

Photos shot on Portra 400 film at Brookshire Gardens, MD, as well as my grandfather’s home in Calverton, MD.

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