Lyric Evelyn (1 Month) | Lifestyle Photography

She’s finally here!! I’m so proud to introduce Lyric Evelyn Kimbrough, the beautiful daughter of my good friends, Kade and Jalie. Lyric was born just days after I arrived home from Thailand, and I was blessed to meet her shortly after her arrival into the world. I photographed this session at the end of her first month, and I was in disbelief at how much she had grown since we first met, just weeks before. Lyric’s personality is already blossoming colorfully – the way she uses her arms and legs to “break free” of her swaddle makes me believe that she’s going to be a free-spirited and spunky little girl (with some really awesome hair, of course). I love you so much already, Lyric, and I can’t wait to know you more!

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