Maia & Kalen

I feel like my fire is “lit” when I get to document a couple who shares my similar desires! Maia and Kalen’s wedding was a prefect reflection of their adventurous spirits, as well as their sweet and gentle love for one another. After documenting the story of their wedding day and finally saying goodbye to them at the end of the evening, I couldn’t help but feel inspired as they drove away. These two are about to embark on a new (and very unknown) journey as they travel across the country together!! I couldn’t imagine a more perfect pair for this kind of adventure, and I’m certain that for them, it’s just the beginning. Congratulations again, Maia and Kalen!

If you would like to order prints from the entire set of wedding photos, please contact me for the link and password here!

8 comments for “Maia & Kalen

  1. Posted by: Brandon Holmes

    Awesome job!

  2. Posted by: Doris Kupferschmidt

    Dear Laura,
    wonderful pics – unforgettable marriage….we can’t wait to see more of your work of Art.
    We came from Germany and you also took pics of our family with Maia and Kalen. Can we order copies of that and if we can only order printed pics – would you send it to us? If not we will find a solution since our daughter is still in the US. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you. Doris

  3. Posted by: Molly Payne

    all of the photos were absolutely beautiful!!!

  4. Posted by: Lindsey

    Such a great job! These look amazing!!

  5. Posted by: Noranda Duren

    These brought tears to my eyes, these pictures capture an amazing marriage!

  6. Posted by: Madelyn

    The love visible in these pictures brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful y’all. Congrats

  7. Lauren,
    AWESOME job!!! Your pics are truly well done and capture the essence of Maia and Kalen. Thank you!!!~

  8. Posted by: Mike Casavecchia

    Hot damn what a good looking couple.

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