Matt & Blair

What is left to say about these two incredible people and their gorgeous wedding?! Every moment of Matt and Blair’s wedding day was filled with thoughtful reminders of their love for each other, their friends, and family. There’s no exaggeration in saying that this couple’s kindness is out of this world! Matt and Blair, thank you again for allowing me to join in on this special part of your adventure together – may you enjoy looking back on these moments for many years to come!

If you’re interested in viewing and/or ordering prints from Matt & Blairs full wedding gallery, contact me here to get the link and password!

venue: Kendall Plantation | wedding planner/coordinator: Melissa Gaines w/ All in the Details Events | florals: Statue of Design | videographer: Christian Ellis Image | cake: Creations Cake | Catering: Got it Covered | Band: Thomas Van Der Brook | Makeup: Yvonne | San Antonio Wedding Photographer: Lauren Moffett Photography

30 comments for “Matt & Blair

  1. Posted by: Kristin Voss

    Everything about every photo is perfect. I’m in love with every shot. So impressed and captured so well! So looking forward to more weddings you can shoot at Kendall Plantation! Matt and Blair were so kind and genuine – it shows in every photo. This is the real deal for sure !

  2. Posted by: RJ Paez

    Great captures from an awesome night!!! Had a blast with you guys! Congrats!

  3. Posted by: Brittany Sutherland

    Beautiful pictures! You and your husband are amazing! You were both so sweet to the bridal party, it was fun working with you guys to make Matt & Blair’s special day perfect!

  4. Posted by: Skyler

    Beautiful pictures!

  5. Posted by: Noel Reilly

    Some of the most stunning pictures I have ever seen. My beautiful niece and Matt look fantastic. You really captured every moment of the day!

  6. Posted by: Deandra Villa

    This is such a great collection of memories!! It is so hard to pick a favorite. Love them all!

  7. Posted by: Daniel Saldana

    These photos are awesome! This was such a memorable night for such an awesome couple!

  8. Posted by: Kallie

    Every single picture is perfect!!! ❤️

  9. Posted by: Jon Ambach

    These photos look amazing! What a wonderful wedding ??

  10. Posted by: Tiffany Whoolery

    Such a fun day! Y’all did an amazing job of capturing everything! Loved looking through all these memories :)

  11. Posted by: Amanda Stewart

    These are PERFECT & so are you two. Love y’all so much!

  12. Posted by: Chelsea Trevino

    These are awesome pics! I love them all ❤️

  13. Posted by: Cesar Perez

    These are incredible photos! I love them all.

  14. Posted by: Terry Curtis

    What a fantastic job you did of capturing Blair and Matt’s Special Day!!
    You captured the joy and magic of every moment!!!
    Stunning pictures!!!
    Love every picture!!

  15. Posted by: Linda Zarb

    Beautiful photos, for a beautiful couple! Truly awesome wedding, a day all of us will remember always!

  16. Posted by: Ed McCormack

    Lauren, amazing job capturing the beauty and spirit of this incredible day.

  17. Posted by: Joe McCormack

    Lauren and Dillon. So glad you were the photographers for Blair and Matt’s wedding!! Your professionalism and enthusiasm were unbelievable. The photos are fantastic. Thx again.

  18. Posted by: Matt Headley

    Awesome pictures!

  19. Posted by: Amanda Crowley

    These are amazing! Great job as always Lauren!

  20. Posted by: Barbie Bolt

    Beautiful wedding. Awesome pictures. Congratulations

  21. Posted by: Michelle Ghidoni

    Beautiful picture, beautiful day!

    • Posted by: Joan hunter

      What a awesome day and absolutely beautiful pictures to remember this wonderful day. Thanks for sharing ?

  22. Posted by: Bubba Stone

    Beautiful day beautiful couple! Thank you for letting me be a part of your majical day. Love you two!!

  23. Posted by: Matthew Winn

    Awesome pictures!

  24. Posted by: Matt zarb

    Thanks Lauren! These look awesome.

  25. Posted by: Lex Lorenzo

    Some gorgeous photos!

  26. Posted by: Becca Halbert

    OH MY GOSH!!!! Absolutely stunning photos, Lauren!! You are the best!! You captured the night so beautifully!!!!!! What great memories. Matt and Blair, your love is so evident in every photo! Love you guys!

  27. Posted by: Jenna

    GORGEOUS pictures of a GORGEOUS couple!!! Can we go back and celebrate the night again??

  28. Posted by: Blair Zarb

    LOVE!!!!! You did a fabulous job Lauren!!!!

  29. Posted by: Jodi McCormack

    Love every picture!!! Lauren and Dillon, thank you so much for being part of Blair and Matt’s big day!!! You both were so much fun to have there, and did an amazing job capturing every moment. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous and will be treasured by all of us for many many years! You did and outstanding job!!! Thanks again for all the great pictures from start to finish( engagement photos, bridal photos and wedding photos)!!

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