Few things in life make me happier than going to the beach with a couple of friends. A few weeks ago, Dylan and I took a cruise to Cozumel and Progreso, Mexico with some of our close friends, Holly and Michael. We had a blast getting to relax (and play) on the ship, while also making time to squeeze in a few adventures on shore. In Progeso, we made a questionable decision by paying $15 to take a tour of the town in a little white van with a guy named Pepe. It turned out to be an awesome deal (and not nearly as sketchy as it appeared)! Not only did we get to see Mayan ruins, pink-colored lakes and flamingos, but we even got to kick back at a private beach for a little while.

Cozumel was a perfect way to end the trip! When arriving at port, we rented mopeds and cruised along the coast until we found the perfect beach to snorkel at. The only thing I would have changed was the amount of time we spent there – it wasn’t nearly long enough!

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