Natasha & Josiah

This photo shoot fully encompassed the reasons for why I do what I do! Natasha and Josiah’s love for each other is so evident in every image – you can tell how much fun they have just being together and, because of that, each of these photos seem to radiate happiness! Our evening was made even better because of the beautiful setting of my new ‘home’ in Canyon Lake… it couldn’t have been a more perfect evening and I can’t wait to take advantage of more photo shoots out here in the stunning Texas Hill Country.

film: kodak portra 800 | developed and scanned by the find lab

20 comments for “Natasha & Josiah

  1. Posted by: Josie Robles

    These pics are amazing!!! So happy for you Amiga!!! God bless you both ?

  2. Posted by: Margeaux Denson

    Such beautiful pictures! Y’all look so happy and in love.

  3. Posted by: Aunt Tina

    So beautiful!! Love how your love for each other and pure joy was captured!

  4. Posted by: Brandy B

    Y’all look so adorable and absolutely in love??. Beautiful pics of a beautiful couple?. #truelove

  5. Posted by: Aurora Carreon-Hernandez

    Oh my these are amazing pictures. Congrats to you both.

  6. Posted by: Lili

    Beautiful photos!!! Their loves is captured in every frame! ?

  7. Posted by: Pasty Rangel

    Gorgeous pictures captured of a couple who expresses their love for one another naturally and beautifully. Congratulations!!!!

    • Posted by: Pasty Rangel

      Absolutely gorgeous!! ❤️

  8. Posted by: Debbie Flores

    What a gorgeous couple and their love does show in every moment captured, truly beautifully done!

  9. Posted by: Sarah Sanchez

    These are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Posted by: Albert

    Awesome pictures! Happy for you guys

  11. Posted by: Jenaia Alcantar

    The photos capture two people who are truly in love!

  12. Posted by: Diane Osio

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! Josiah and Natasha these are a great tribute to your love.

  13. Posted by: Kelsey

    LOVE this sweet couple & these amazing photos. Can’t wait for their wedding!!!

  14. Posted by: Gail Reyna

    These are truly beautiful and you can see their love in every frame!

  15. Posted by: Nik sankovich

    Great pics you guys! The last pic is breathtaking

  16. Posted by: David Sankovich

    Nice looking couple.They sure are smiling a lot!

  17. Posted by: Damaris

    Beautiful pictures!

  18. Posted by: Terri Flores Lopez

    ?You captured their love ?Absolutely beautiful photos?

    • Posted by: Lauren Moffett

      I had so much fun with you guys! N&J really are a fantastic couple – so laid back and so in love!!

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